2022 Word(s) of the Year

A word for the year. A way to create an intention or overarching theme for the three hundred and sixty-five days ahead. I’m typically a concrete goals kind of gal, but there are two words that keep coming to me as I reflect on how I want 2022 to look: slow and savor.

Slow and savor seem especially important to me in this season. It’s a new year. At the same time, I’m nearing the end of the “fourth trimester,” with my second, and probably last, baby. As I emerge from the newborn fog while the world is taking on resolutions and goals, I feel an itch to hit the ground running. Fill my days with obligations, accomplish more, have something to “show” for my maternity leave. 

But, wait. How about slowing down and savoring instead? Slow down my days. Slow down my mind. Savor this special and sweet time of babyhood, of a blossoming preschooler, of becoming a family of four. There is no race to the finish with early motherhood. By the end of the year, my baby will become a toddler and my three-year-old another year closer to kindergarten regardless of whether I stopped to recognize it. 

So this year, I resolve to hold onto my baby for one more nap. To linger onto the stories my preschooler is so eager to tell me just a bit longer. Look my husband in the eyes more. Ignore those nagging thoughts of doing more. Let the days unfold as they will. Sure, things will be done, but there is no need to rush. Not right now. 2022 is a year for being, not doing. 

And, true to my word, this post is coming out in the second half of January. 😉 

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