10 things saving my life right now

Even though the official start of spring is just a few weeks away, it still feels like there is a lot of winter to get through. Plus, here in the Northeast, early spring can be met with frigid temperatures and a rouge snowstorm. While I try to embrace all seasons, I am not above being grumpy about cold weather and dreary dark days. To combat the winter blues, I was inspired by this post to roundup all the things that are saving my life right now:

  1. Winter days that feel like spring. The roller coaster weather lately has meant some pretty mild days and I try to take full advantage of getting outside for the sunshine and fresh air without having to bundle up as much. 
  2. The sun setting after 5:30 p.m. We have finally turned the corner where it doesn’t feel like midnight at our 5 p.m. dinnertime. Plus, catching the sunset while we are around the dining room table is just lovely. 
  3. Really simple meal planning. I’ve been in a dinner rut lately (probably because this meal coincides with the “witching hour”), so I’m leaning hard into simple meal plans. Anything that can be made in under 30 minutes or thrown into a slow cooker is my jam. I also try to limit measuring cups and spoons—eyeballing ingredients, especially spices, and pre-made sauces—get dinner on the table faster. 
  4. Grocery pick up. Same theme as meal planning—I’m just not into anything that has to do with putting dinner on the table right now. Groceries delivered to my trunk? Yes, please. 
  5. Mascara. Somewhere in the midst of pandemic life, working from home, and having a baby, the bar for my appearance has dropped very low. I needed just a tiny pick-me-up to make me feel somewhat put together. Enter mascara—simple and effective.
  6. Grandparents. My kids are blessed with three sets of grandparents that have helped immensely in the transition to two kids by delivering meals, providing childcare, fixing things around the house—really the list is endless. 
  7. Baby smiles and giggles. Enough said. 
  8. AirPods. I spend a lot of time rocking in a chair or swaying a baby in a carrier these days. Having my AirPods handy allows me to listen to all my favorite podcasts. 
  9. Best friends text thread. With a brood of kids, work obligations and just general life stuff, it can be really hard to get together IRL with my besties. Our active group thread helps me feel connected with life updates, regular laughs and commiserations.
  10. This blog. While I am forever grateful to have an extended maternity leave, taking care of kids all day isn’t the most mentally stimulating activity. This blog has provided an outlet and a way to flex my brain muscle. 

What’s saving your life right now? Tell me in the comments.

4 responses to “10 things saving my life right now”

  1. The gym is a blessing for me! Also, have a couple of group texts that help me on the daily. And taking time to realize how blessed that I am every day. And I can’t forget to mention my husband ( my love 😍), my children and grandkids 💞

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    1. These are all great! ❤️


  2. With work chaos that seems like it will never end, sometimes trying to find what saves me is as simple as sending a little surprise to a friend or loved one. Looking forward to a new episode of my favorite true crime podcast. Looking forward to an upcoming weekend getaway or even just the relief of surviving another week.


    1. Love these! Thanks for sharing.


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