Rethinking creativity

What a month it has been. As I write this, my family is riding out the remainder of our Covid quarantine. The virus that we evaded for more than two years finally hit us (the week before my daughter’s fourth birthday i.e. more canceled plans). Before my entire family went into two weeks of isolation, life was full. (To be clear, life feels full at home with two small children, no childcare, and two working parents too 😬). I solo parented two kiddos overnight for the first time. I left my previous job. Maternity leave ended and I started a new job.

At the end of the day, I didn’t have a lot of space for “creativity.” Or, so I thought? Sure, I didn’t feel like I had the time or space to pour into my blog, a new recipe, or a home organization project, but I can assure you, I’ve been creative. 

Often, “creativity” is limited to artists—those writing a beautiful story, capturing a breathtaking photo, creating a stunning painting. But, why?

The reality is that creativity goes into everything we do. It’s not always a blog full of perfectly written posts. Sometimes, it’s the formation of new rhythms and routines for my family. It’s figuring out how to entertain my kids during, yet another, day at home. It’s getting dinner on the table in twenty minutes with as few dishes and ingredients as possible. 

If you are in a season like me and feel like your creativity is suffering, I see you, and I invite you to rethink how you approach creativity. You’re doing more than you think. 

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