Summer fun list

Next week marks the official first day of summer! There is always so much anticipation going into summer and how we will spend our time, but the reality for us is that day-to-day life doesn’t really look much different. Enter the summer fun list. Each summer (and some other seasons too), I make a list of fun things I want to do, either solo or as a family. Creating this list helps make summer feel special, reminds me to step away from the “to-dos” and “have-tos,” and is an easy way to look back at the end of the season and reflect on all the fun that was had in the midst of the mundane. Note that this isn’t a lofty list of summer goals—many of these activities are already pre-scheduled or things we would be doing anyways, with a fun twist. With that, here is my list for Summer 2022: 

  1. Family summer vacation. This one is already on the calendar and we are looking forward to our first week-long vacation in a long time.  
  2. Berry picking at our favorite farm. Summer favorite in our house, but it can also easily fall to the wayside if our calendar gets full. 
  3. Try a new (to us) local restaurant. There is a local waterfront and family friendly place that I have been eyeing. We tend to always go to the same places, so here’s to trying something new.  
  4. Visiting one of our favorite local hiking trails. Another one that can get forgotten, so reminding myself that we need to make this happen. 
  5. Getting ice cream. This one is special because it isn’t something we do very often. 
  6. Go on a goat hike. Yep—you read that right. We did this last summer and it was SO MUCH FUN. 
  7. At least one friend get together. Between babies, jobs, and other obligations, this can be really hard to make happen, so I am really hoping to cross this one off the list. 
  8. Attend an outdoor concert. Is there anything more fun than sitting outside and listening to good music?! 
  9. Beach with family friends. We are lucky to have family friends that invited us to their beach this summer and I’m determined to take them up on the offer (hopefully more than once). I am one of those parents that struggle to bring my kids to the beach, but I know the work to get them there will be worth it. 
  10. At least one family bike ride. It has been a long time since I went on a bike ride, but we are getting the bikes in working order and have the kid trailer ready to go! 
  11. BONUS: Read ten books. I had to add this one on because I am a bit behind on my reading challenge for the year and summer is the perfect time to read.

I’d love to hear what is on your summer fun list this year! Tell me in the comments. 

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