morning rhythm 

There are two types of people reading this post: the ones that are super jazzed about morning routines and the ones that are not. 😜 I love a good morning routine, but I’ve found myself creating an elaborate list to check off every morning and then failing miserably to keep it up. My pendulum swung too wide. Either I was all in with a 10-step morning routine that would be completed just so, or, after missing a few days, I would burn it all to the ground. 

Over the past year, my days have looked vastly different. This time last year, I had a different job. Then I had a baby and was on maternity leave. Even now, each day looks a little different depending on which kid is going where and whether I’m going to my office or not. Mornings can feel chaotic and I was itching for more predicability, but knew a rigid morning routine would not work for me, especially in this season with two small kiddos.

So, for the last couple of months, I’ve established what I like to call a morning rhythm instead. While it feels good to have some rituals in place, they need to be flexible. I have two little kids with rather varied wake-up times. I might have slept terribly. I might have to get out of the house early than usual. There are a million reasons rigidity just won’t work. Very loosely, my morning rhythm includes the following:

  • Movement: even if I’m not working out, I’ll start the day with some basic stretching to wake up my body. (bonus points if I stretch and work out) 
  • Hydration: always a glass (or two) of water when I wake up (and definitely before coffee).
  • Coffee: enough said.
  • Journal/Reflection/Planning: this one ebbs and flows for sure. I like to write in my five-minute journal, check my planner and create a to-do list for the day, but at a minimum I will give my planner a quick glance and jot down any must-dos. 
  • Hygiene: this is an obvious one, but an easy win! Plus, there is more in this category than the bare minimum. I make it a point to wash my face with all my skincare favorites and change into some clothes that I will feel good in, even if I’ll just be spending the day at home. 
  • Make the bed: nothing makes me feel more like a functioning adult like a bed that’s made. 

What’s great about this rhythm? It is really simple. It can be done in 10 minutes or I can extend it to over an hour. It can be done along side my kids. I can fit it in across the whole morning if need be. I find that if I have a day or two where I miss something on the list, it is very easy to pick back up. Most importantly, starting the morning generally the same way helps ground me and create some intentionality to my day. 

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