Traveling with Kids

We just returned from a short trip with our kids. It’s no secret that traveling with little kids can have it’s challenges, but there are some ways that I’ve found help make it a whole lot easier:

  1. Pack lighter than you think. After putting the two adults, two kids in carseats and our wagon (a non-negotiable) into the SUV, there isn’t a ton of extra space for suitcases. The solution? Pack lighter. We always need less clothes, toys, and things than we think. And, if worst came to worst, we could buy whatever we needed or forgot at our destination!
  2. Lower expectations. My motto forever and always. I tend to be one to create the picture perfect vacation in my mind and if it doesn’t go just so, I’m disappointed. The reality is vacation will never be perfect (with or without kids), so I remind myself to give everyone some grace and lower my expectations.
  3. Honor rest time. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I tend to stick to our regular bedtime/naptime on vacation. I find the kids (and us) do a whole lot better with good rest and some downtime.
  4. One anchor activity per day. This one goes along with #2 and #3, but gone are the days of jam packed vacations. We focus on one activity a day, which gives us time to enjoy that activity, have some down time before and after, and generally allows for more ease in our days.
  5. Have fun! Traveling with kids can be stressful, but there is still a lot of fun to be had. I try to remind myself that each trip we take is providing core memories for us and our kids.

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