10 things sparking joy right now

  1. All Things Fall: Cooler weather, pumpkins, mums, apples, long sleeves, chili, warm drinks, and the list goes on. I am here for it all of it. 
  2. T’s first steps: It’s hard to believe my baby is hitting this milestone, but it fun nonetheless. 
  3. M’s budding independence: M (age 4) recently insisted on making herself breakfast—an english muffin—from start to finish. It’s hard to capture the milestones after the baby years, but this was a good one. 
  4. M+T’s sibling relationship: Now that T is almost one, the sibling interactions are really a joy to watch. There are a lot of giggles and rolling around on the floor. (and in full disclosure, a lot of tears and fighting too 🙃)
  5. An afternoon with girlfriends. Just what I needed to fill up the proverbial cup. 
  6. Planning tools: I’ve always been one to use a planner and generally stay pretty organized, but I have been diving into a lot of Best Laid Plans content to get some ideas on how to optimize the planner I use and bring in some other tools. 
  7. New running shoes: It’s been too long since I got a new pair of running shoes and my feet were feeling it. I opted for a more minimalist style to see how my feet do!
  8. Anniversary Plans: Our 6th wedding anniversary is coming up and I’m looking forward to spending the day together doing things we love!
  9. Sourdough starter: I brought her out of fridge this week and she bubbled right back up. We enjoyed sourdough graham crackers-yum!
  10. Hand-me-downs: T’s closet is mostly full of hand-me-downs from M, his cousins, and some friends’ kids. I love that hand-me-downs are more economical and environmentally friendly, but my favorite part is the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I see T is something that his sister, cousin, or friend wore. 

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