Year of Less

It is that time of year to reflect and set goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love a goals list (and will probably make one), but in reflecting how I want my next year to look, I kept coming back to less. What could I do less of that would actually help me achieve those goals? What could less do to bring more peace and contentment into my life?

Less Stuff. I’ve been an aspiring minimalist since I first discovered the movement in 2019. I hit the ground running with decluttering in early 2020, but the pandemic and adding another member to the family in the last couple of years has staled progress. I am really feeling the pull to get back to implementing some minimalist strategies in my home. The way I see it, physical clutter = mental clutter. And, I want less of that too. 

Less Consumption. I am an information junkie, but sometimes it’s too much of a good thing. I use information gathering as a crutch to get stuck in indecision. This year, I want to spend less time consuming, which will hopefully open up more time for creating.  

Less Screen Time. Do I need to say more? There were times in the last year that I felt I had a good handle on this, but there is always room for improvement. I’m using this challenge as inspiration. 

Less Comparison. You know the old saying, comparison in the thief of joy. Boy, does that ring true. I’m willing to bet less consumption and less screen time will help a whole lot with this one. 

Less Unnecessary Obligation. I find myself thinking “A good [mother, wife, friend, employee] does [insert any number of shoulds], so I have to do that.” Who is that really serving? Not me, or anyone else that is important to me. 

Tell me. What will you do less of this year?

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