I get to…

It has been a week. We were hit with a blizzard. Plans were cancelled—again. My three-year-old seems to need more of me than ever. My infant is going through a leap (IYKYK). The winter/new baby/pandemic isolation is hitting me HARD. Earlier this week, I was in the midst of frantically prepping dinner in that tiny sliver of time my baby was content. My daughter was swirling around me demanding that I play “family” with her—and it was my turn to be the baby (aka only speak in a high pitched “baby voice”). I could feel my insides starting to boil—can’t I just finish making dinner?! In that moment, I willed myself to take a pause and breath (notice I say willed because this doesn’t come easy to me). I needed a reframe. I was feeling bogged down by the “have to.” “I have to make dinner”… “I have to feed the baby again” … “I have to keep my toddler entertained…” How would it feel if instead I thought about all the things I get to do?

I get to play family with my daughter.

I get to nourish my baby. 

I get to cook nutritious meals for my family. 

I get to care for my warm and cozy home. 

I get to take an extended leave from work. 

I get to spend more time than ever with my family.

I get to raise these babies. 

I get to live a really fulfilling life. 

I can instantly feel my blood pressure dropping. I start talking in my best “baby” voice while I finish cutting the peppers and stirring the chili. My baby holds on in his bouncer just a tad bit longer. Dinner gets made. Baby gets fed. Toddler feels seen.

This isn’t about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses or toxic positivity, rather a way to rediscover all that is going right. That, despite the demands, I can find good in my everyday. I just have to look. 

What do you get to do this week?

2 responses to “I get to…”

  1. Such a great perspective shift! Thank you for sharing ❤


    1. So glad it resonated with you!


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