Just Start.

Easy enough—right? Not so much. If I had a superpower, it would be overanalyzing. Driven by a mix of perfectionism and fear of the unknown, my poor brain just loves to mull (and mull and mull) before taking action. By the time I’ve decided to start, I’m exhausted and need a nap. Here’s how it goes: Have I gathered all the information? Do I have all the tools I need? Have I thought through all possible outcomes? What happens if I fail? What does failure even mean? You know what—never mind, I’ll do it some other time. This paralysis from action can strike me at any time—a little decision like whether to buy a new pillowcase or a big decision like whether to start a new career.  

This blog is a perfect example. I had been looking for a creative outlet for months and was interested in writing. Did I actually start writing? Not really, other than half-hearted attempts at journaling and writing my daughter’s birth story (which I promptly finished soon after she turned two). Why? There was no action. Instead, I thought: What should I write about? When should I write? Where should I write? Is it just for me or will I share my work? Am I even good at writing? 

I needed to just start

So, at the beginning of 2022, I sat my butt in the chair and got to work. In the course of a few hours with a baby napping on my chest, I created my website and scheduled my first post. After months of thinking about it, trying to plan it out perfectly, going back-and-forth on whether I should even do it, it was done. I had started a blog in a few hours.

You know what happened after that? I have been writing weekly for the last month. I have other content started. I’m learning how to navigate my website and refine my craft. I have ideas about how I will make the blog better in the future (for starters, including photos on the posts). That simple act of starting created the momentum to take this idea out of my head and turn it into something tangible. And so far, I’m really proud of what I’ve done.

It’s not easy to create new habits, take on big projects, or make any other drastic change to your life, but it really just starts with starting.

3 responses to “Just Start.”

  1. Amazing!!!!!

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  2. So proud of you! I look forward to your weekly writing and can’t wait for the next.


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